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Femack Flourish works with an international electronic gadget store. She recently carried out a comparative research with users on the pros and cons of different digital electronic devices. She has reviewed and used various tablets and eReader apps. She has tested original versions of iPad, Galaxy tab, Nexus 7, Kindle, Kindle Fire and various other Android and Microsoft releases. She has also tested and used those brands of tablets that many people do not want to be identified with today, such as Motorola Xoom and the Vizio tab.

She uses an iPad mini 4. Her mobile device is a Nexus 5X Andriod phone. But most of her portable works are done on an old MacBook Air. She is a writer for BGC and an author of several eBooks such as ‘The Pride of Money’ and ‘The perfect working device for you.’



Here are some of the factors to consider:


Operating System (OS)

There are 4 OS you could choose from: the Apple, Google Android, Microsoft Windows or Blackberry operating systems. The Apple OS is restrictive. You can only connect to and share with people who also use Apple products.

Screen Size & Resolution

Tablets come in different shapes and sizes too. The smallest tablets about 5 inches wide look more like big smartphones. There are larger sizes too between 9-12 inches wide. These have those large screens that we all want but are not pocket or purse friendly. There are medium sizes too, between 7-8 inches.

Wireless Connectivity

Most tablets can access wireless connections through Wi-Fi. Some tablets support the 802.11b/g specification. With this, you can't download large videos and files. But the 0802.11n specification will do for this. Tablets that support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands will provide the most powerful Wi-Fi connectivity.

Cost Benefit Analysis


You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on getting your desired tablet. Yes, with all the features you want! Whatever your specifications are: multi-touch display, high screen resolution, Windows or Android OS, front and back cameras, huge storage space etc., you can get all that you need without necessarily going for the highly-priced brands.


Ensure you choose a tablet that comes with a cover pouch or casing. This would sure protect your tablet from travel pressures, scratches or falling hazards.


Let this influence the choice of OS you go for. Just to make life easier for everyone around you, in matters of sharing files.

Operating System

Screen size and Resolution

Tablet Battery Life

  • The Android OS is more widely used. Users of Google's Android find it easier to share and receive files because most smart phones have the Android OS. And it offers more customization than the Apple OS.

  • Microsoft Windows only hold a small share of the tablet market. But its users choose it because of its adaptability to other Windows OS on their laptops and computers.

  • Basically, to decide the OS to go for for your tablet, consider the phone and computer you have, or the majority of your friends or group members, whom you have to share regularly with have.


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