IRCTC Retiring Ticket Booking Procedure and Rates


Book Ticket on IRCTC, Indian Railway's Launched a New website on IRCTC Retiring ticket Booking, Rates and IRCTC Retiring Room Status at Recently Indian Railways started a new Online railway dinning room booking service out of Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Aside from the channel booking, passengers are now able to reserve railway retiring rooms on the internet. To reserve a retiring room in the railroad station an individual must have a confirmed rail ticket or at an RAC ticket.

Online booking of railroad space can be done for e-ticket, I-ticket, Tatkal ticket and even in a counter ticket using its PNR number for online booking of subpar rooms. Online dinning room reservation is launched on both websites of IRCTC, and

Railways Retiring Rooms centre is available only in few railroad stations across India, they are available in Single, Dual and Dormitory kind of occupancy using AC and non AC combination.This facility can be found on just in 485 railway stations as on 1st August 2016. You can check the list of the channels at website.IRCTC Retiring Room Rates and Status.


Get A Good Tablet Without The High Prices


With the degree at which technology companies are churning out new and upgraded smartphones, palmnotes, tablets and computers, one has to gain some skills for making buying decisions. Or else, you would find yourself dancing to their every bit without getting the most of your purchase. The tablet has gotten its favour with users because of its wider screen size compared to phones. And they are also easily movable compared to laptops.

It’s touchscreen interface have also enabled easy access to mails, web contents and other media apps. But rather than get emotional carried away by the manufacturer’s tempting adverts, you should make your decisions based on pricing, features and your specific needs. What most of us need tablets for anyways can be accomplished with a few constant features we are going to explore here also. And you don’t necessarily need to add several hundred dollars to get that buy. Remember, your best tablet today will be obsolete in another 6 months or so, so you don’t want to be swung this way and that every half year to change your tablet.

Opting for new versions as soon as they come can also carry with it an attending mass company malfunction problems, so you want to wait on that buying decision for a while, just to allow time pass to test the ground for its use. No doubt, we need them upgraded tablets, so here are guides to help you make the best buying decisions always! For instance, if you can get a new iPad for about $440 dollars. Why would you want to spend the price of getting a laptop on getting a tablet?
Wireless Connectivity


Depending on the use you have set for your tablet, you could choose a tablet with memory capacity ranging from 1GB to 500GB. If it is going to be your business gadget, you’ll definitely need a large memory to store various files. If it is a reading device, you would need a large memory too. If not, tablets with expandable memory of 32GB is enough for most average user’s needs. These bridge the gap between wider screens and pocket friendliness. If you want those sharp pictures, you would have to consider the resolution of the tablet you are buying too. The higher the resolution, the sharper the pictures.



Most tablets both have front cameras that serve as webcams and back cameras for taking pictures. Tablets generally have the resolution of the digital cameras in smart phones. You may just want to note that the minimum specification for printing an 8 by 10 picture without cropping or distortion is 4MP.

Inputs and Outputs

Most tablets are built basically to connect to other devices through Wi-Fi. However, many manufacturers have incorporated USB port to transfer files. And even a docking port to connect to keyboards and docking stations. Some tablets also come with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Battery Life

Your tablet’s battery life is affected by the size of the battery, the brightness of the screen’s backlight and the total amount of time your tablet is on. To manage your tablet’s battery life properly, you should check the amount of time your battery powers the tablet when it is in sleep mode and when it is in use.




Here are some of the factors to consider:


Operating System (OS)

There are 4 OS you could choose from: the Apple, Google Android, Microsoft Windows or Blackberry operating systems. The Apple OS is restrictive. You can only connect to and share with people who also use Apple products.

Screen Size & Resolution

Tablets come in different shapes and sizes too. The smallest tablets about 5 inches wide look more like big smartphones. There are larger sizes too between 9-12 inches wide. These have those large screens that we all want but are not pocket or purse friendly. There are medium sizes too, between 7-8 inches.

Wireless Connectivity

Most tablets can access wireless connections through Wi-Fi. Some tablets support the 802.11b/g specification. With this, you can't download large videos and files. But the 0802.11n specification will do for this. Tablets that support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands will provide the most powerful Wi-Fi connectivity.

Cost Benefit Analysis


You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on getting your desired tablet. Yes, with all the features you want! Whatever your specifications are: multi-touch display, high screen resolution, Windows or Android OS, front and back cameras, huge storage space etc., you can get all that you need without necessarily going for the highly-priced brands.


Ensure you choose a tablet that comes with a cover pouch or casing. This would sure protect your tablet from travel pressures, scratches or falling hazards.


Let this influence the choice of OS you go for. Just to make life easier for everyone around you, in matters of sharing files.

Operating System

Screen size and Resolution

Tablet Battery Life

  • The Android OS is more widely used. Users of Google's Android find it easier to share and receive files because most smart phones have the Android OS. And it offers more customization than the Apple OS.

  • Microsoft Windows only hold a small share of the tablet market. But its users choose it because of its adaptability to other Windows OS on their laptops and computers.

  • Basically, to decide the OS to go for for your tablet, consider the phone and computer you have, or the majority of your friends or group members, whom you have to share regularly with have.


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